The new Tradition Center in now open to the public


The Tradition Center, a brand-new annexe of the Hanko Front Museum, meets all the hallmarks of a modern museum, beautifully complementing the museum's exhibition selection. The Tradition Center is a significant expansion of the museum's facilities and offers plenty to see for visitors of all ages.

The permanent exhibition in the Tradition Center, called "Civilians in the Shadow of War", tells the story of civilian life during wartime in Hanko Peninsula. In the impressive exhibition spaces designed by set designer Petri Horttana, visitors can step into wartime daily life and experience the atmosphere of an ordinary home in Hanko in 1939 and 1942.

The exhibition also features a touching 21-minute documentary film "We Remember the War," where people from Hanko and surroundings share their war-time childhood memories.

In the first theme exhibition of the Traditions Center, titled "A Veteran's Life Path 1945-2025," visitors can explore the events and turning points that have influenced the lives of war veterans from the end of the war to the present day.