The Hanko Front 80 years


80 years have passed since the battles at the Hanko Front and this year we will honour these historical events by arranging exhibitions and guided tours in the original battlefields.

During the summer season we will arrange guided boat tours in the archipelago around Hanko to the main islands where the battles took place. We will also visit new areas on the Harparskog Defence Line and walk the same route that the soldiers did during the offensive reconnaissance patrol on 30th of June 1941.

We will also continue the cooperation with conflict archeologist Jan Fast. You can follow the archeological excavation in summer on the museum area.

If the situation with covid-19 allows, we will open the summer season at the museum in June 2021. If you wish to visit the museum or the bunker museum before that or if you have other questions, please contact us at:, +358 44 700 1941.